HILLS PENSION ASSOCIATES, Inc. is an independent, full-service retirement plan administration and consulting firm, specializing in the design and implementation of retirement plans for small to medium sized businesses. Our strengths derive from years of hands-on experience as well as our customer-first approach in helping our clients define and achieve their goals. We bring a proactive, team approach to your retirement; to ensure that your company is set up with a plan that meets both you and your company’s goals, leaving no stone unturned.

What we offer:


As retirement plan consultants, we are committed to providing you with objective guidance regarding retirement plan solutions. Our primary goals are to:

  • Provide guidance, assist you in designing your plan, and helping you achieve your investment goals;
  • Enhance your fiduciary review process;
  • Offer your plan participants a comprehensive retirement savings education program;
  • Decrease your retirement plan administrative burden.

We are dedicated to exceeding your client’s expectations with our personal service and building close relationships with you and your investment providers that can grow into long-term partnerships.

Personal Service

Our team of retirement professionals will provide you with personal attention and on-site service. We are able to adapt and respond quickly to your changing needs and requirements, whether they result from a dynamic legislative, regulatory, or economic environment. Our focus is to exceed your expectations in all aspects of plan operation. We are ready with solutions for you.


By focusing on our employees and their successes within the firm, we maintain a consistent level of service and retention, which benefits you in terms of their talents, skillsets, and familiarity with both you and your plans. Additionally, we align ourselves with top providers who support our mission of providing personalized customer service and building strong partnerships. We believe in the importance of building relationships based on collaboration, open communication, and trust.

Contact Hills Pension Associates today and share your vision for your future with us. With the right plan, it’s never too early or too late to start saving for retirement.

Client Login

SmartVault secure file exchange – HPA’s enhanced integrated portal easily and securely submits and retrieves plan documents, admin forms, annual valuations, fiduciary documents, newsletters, and annual census data.


Annual Census Alert Bulletin

Data Collection Checklist

Census Request

Compliance Calendar

  • APR1

    Distribute "first year" Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to participants

  • APR15

    Deadline for processing corrective distributions for IRC Section 402(g) excesses.

  • APR15

    Filing of Corporate Tax Return and Contribution Deadline for Deductibility (without extension)

  • MAY15

    Census Data and Questionnaire due to HPA to meet IRS Form 5500 Deadline (not on extension)

  • MAY15

    Quarterly Benefit Notices 45 days after Qtr End

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